TRISSAM – from the tribes of Assam, for the world to savour

Pradhan Mantri Van Dhan Yojana’ is a scheme exclusively developed for the forest dwellers collecting and processing naturally available forest produce for earning their livelihood. This scheme and the mission has been very fondly branded as ‘TRISSAM’, under which the products that are being produced by the tribal beneficiaries of Assam are being marketed.

TRISSAM is nothing less than an emotion, filled with the love, good will and the hard work of our beneficiaries that we very fondly present you to experience and savour. The brand represents way more than just the intent to earn a livelihood. It represents an endeavour fueled by our skilled beneficiaries to produce quality products. Here at TRISSAM, we take pride in ensuring that the producing process remains devoid of any adulteration and artificial lacing. We express heartfelt gratitude to our patrons for placing their trust on the brand as it not only allows us to provide quality products, but also helps us to empower a marginalized tribal household.

In line with the scheme’s vision, in due course of time working hand to hand to produce value added products under TRISSAM, if the women of the supposedly most underprivileged section of our country’s population becomes capable of earning a sustainable livelihood, there is no evil in this whole world that could possibly prevent our country from becoming a major superpower.

Trissam product display